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Gallery Night Special: Meet C. Hawk Studios

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One of the best parts of being located in the Third Ward is getting to be a part of great events like Gallery Night! Lela is hosting local artist Brittany Vogt, AKA C. Hawk Studios this Friday night to help the neighborhood celebrate. 


"I'm an artist. From the Midwest.
This identity is a driving force behind my work."

Brittany has lived all over the Midwest in five different states, and graduated from UW-LaCrosse with a BA in art. Her degree also has specialties in drawing, printmaking, and ceramics. Some of her prints will be on display at Lela starting this week!

Milwaukee in all its lakeshore hugging, festival throwing, industrial sprawling, brewery touring and sport loving glory is now home.
— Brittany Vogt, a true Milwaukean spirit


Founded in 2013, C. Hawk Studios specializes in fine art, illustration, and design. "Portraiture as an exploration of identity is a central theme throughout my work...I am fascinated by visual nuances that imbibe a place, portrait, or character with it's own unique identity which in turn defines that person or place," says Brittany of her work. 

You can visit www.c-hawkstudios.com, her Facebook page, or her Instagram feed to keep up with her work! And be sure to come and visit us this weekend to meet her and see her work in person!

Love, Lela