Lela Boutique

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We are Lela Boutique. We launched in 2003 in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee. Fashioned after boutiques in New York's Meatpacking District and Chicago's Wicker Park, owner Carrie Arrouet and original business partner Stephanie Sherman had a vision for the premier boutique in our neighborhood. Our very first customers saw the blending of clothing lines that they envisioned: local designers and big-city showrooms mixed with fashion-forward consignment and vintage apparel. The collections combined a flirty femininity with a modern edge.

12 years later, we still offer the phenomenal, carefully edited vintage and new designer collections. From rare print dresses to last year’s designer bags, our items change weekly as they’re quickly taken home to waiting wardrobes.

Our team of lovely, unique ladies (and one Corgi!) are passionate about developing and fostering personal styles. We believe in celebrating each person for who they are and strive for guests to leave feeling better about themselves than when they arrived. After all, shopping is meant to be a fun, empowering leisure, and everyone should look forward to getting dressed...no matter the occasion! 

We thank the individuals that continue to visit and inspire Lela throughout the years and look forward to those who have yet to pass through our doors!