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Lela's Denim Shopping Guide

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Like shopping for a swimsuit, buying jeans is usually a drawn out process. We've pulled together our best tricks for finding your perfect pair!

Be open-minded.
Being flexible in what you choose to try can yield happy results. Unless you have a very strict idea of what kind of jeans you're looking for, trying a wide variety of cuts, washes, and colors is important.

Length is always negotiable.
It's impossible for brands to sell everybody's perfect jean... but if it ticks all your boxes beside length, give it a go! Hemming is inexpensive and an easy skill to learn.


Draw attention to long legs

Embellishments like embroidery, studs, or faded wash on the legs draws the eye down the leg.

Be familiar with your measurements...
Since some women's brands number their jeans by waist measurements, knowing your waist measurement can be helpful in finding the right size.

...But don't get hung up on the sizing.
Size is relative, even within a brand. Don't feel bad about getting a size that's different from your usual - so long as it fits nicely!


Flared legs for everyone

Flared leg or bootcut jeans are flattering on most people! They balance out wide hips or shoulders with volume on the bottom. 

Avoid trends when you find a style that works for you.
Jeans are a year-round staple. For trend-trying, why not a top or an accessory? 

Have the right mindset.
Set aside enough time for yourself to go shopping for jeans. It's not necessary even to buy anything - just trying on a wide variety of styles and brands can tell you more about what you like and which brands work for you. 


It's all in the details

Want to draw attention to or emphasize your butt? embellishments are the way to go. On the flip side, go for a style without pockets or details if you want to draw attention away from that area. 

Most importantly.... Be kind to yourself!
If you're struggling to find a pair of jeans that fit Just Right, remember: it's not you, it's the clothes!

So what are your denim shopping tips? Let us know in the comments down below or on our Facebook page!

Love, Lela ♥