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Resale Shopping is Cool Again: Be the Smartest (and Most Fashionable) Resale Shopper Around

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Did you hear the news? Shopping resale is becoming trendy. Of course, us Lela Ladies have always known that. What’s better than scoring your favorite designer brands at a portion of the original price? Pretty much nothing! 


The best part of shopping resale? It’s sustainable. Did you know that 5% of all landfill waste comes from textiles? And on average US citizens throw away 70lbs of clothing a year.  That’s a lot of cute clothing just sitting in a garbage dump! 

So instead of letting the cute clothing you no longer wear go to waste, why not consign it with Lela? We take new consignment every Tuesday from 10-7 or by appointment. Make sure everything is clean and on hangers before you stop by. Our consignment queens, Jen and Susan, will look through your stuff and pick what they think our customers will love best. And while they do that you can browse all of our current consignment stock.   

Think Resale shopping is overwhelming? Here are some quick tips to help you browse faster, pick the best pieces for you, and leave Lela feeling like a true fashionista: 

1.    When it comes to vintage pieces, they run small. So choose a size bigger than you normally would. 

2.    Don’t be afraid to try it on! Sometimes the piece that you questioned on the hanger looks the most amazing on your body. Trust us on this! 

3.    Know what you are looking for. Our consignment section has a plethora of options and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Come with a specific type of outfit in mind to help narrow your options. 


4.     Don’t be afraid to get something tailored! Sometimes a must have piece just doesn’t fit the way you want it to. But that’s okay. Because you are buying it second hand, and cheaper than a traditional retailor, you can afford to get it tailored. Don’t have a tailor? Ask one of the Lela staff, we can give you a recommendation. 

5.    Be you! At the end of the day it’s all about what you love and what makes you happy. 

Now that you have the Lela lowdown on all things resale and consignment come on in and shop with us! We can’t wait to see those super cute outfits you create. If you’re on social media make sure to tag us @lelaboutique and #shoplela so we can see how good you look in your Lela fashion.   





Behind the Brand: Lulu's Petals

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Are you waiting for Wisconsin spring to set in? Need a little pick-me-up? Our suggestion is a new piece of jewelry! And as a local business, we love to promote local artists, like Staci Schemm of Lulu's Petals. Just in case you are relatively new to Lela, we got in touch with Staci so you could learn a little bit more about her.

purple flower necklace.JPG

For the vintage-obsessed thrift-shopper, Lulu's Petals is a must. Staci, the owner and creator, thrifts vintage jewelry and reworks the pieces into unique, distinct creations. It is guaranteed that nobody else will ever have the same jewelry as you. Where else can you get that promise?

Staci, a Lela employee for several years, started creating pieces after digging through her mother-in-law's vintage jewelry collection. While perfecting her craft, she began selling at Lela and remains a fan favorite to this day! 

vintage blue neck.JPG
Since I’ve started designing jewelry, my wardrobe has almost become the backdrop, because I want my jewelry to kind of BE the outfit in many cases.
I’m definitely drawn to sparkle and an overall feminine look, but I want also want my designs to be able to be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, because that’s basically my uniform.
structured sparkle neck.JPG

There's no doubt that Staci makes some incredible jewelry! Have you picked up anything from her spring collection yet? Let us know!

♥ The Lela Team ♥