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We Can Make You Blush: The Latest Lela Color Story

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From 9-5 to Happy Hour: The Blush Dress
In the store we call this the Magic Dress - it clings where it should cling and hides the things you want to hide! We get it periodically in many colors but when it came in pink I knew I had to feature it on the blog. I paired it with this delightful silk wrap and a pendant necklace from La Vie Parisienne. Ditch the wrap and go for drinks after work!

Formal With Fun Details: The Pleated Blush Top
This flowing, pleated top looks right at home tucked in - though you could also pair it untucked with a pair of tailored black slacks and a statement necklace, too. 

Picnic Perfect Tunic Top
Everything'll be coming up roses when you don this button-down top from Tulip. Delightful details of this particular paring include a contrast print in the collar and back pleat of the shirt and a lace back on the white denim jacket.

Something Subtler: Blush Accessories
Do you prefer your color as an accent rather than the main focus? Well, we've got plenty of pretty pink accessories to choose from if that's the case. 

So? Do we have you thinking pink? Let us know down below or on our Facebook page - we love to hear from you!