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Spring Staff Picks: Kristen

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Name: Kristen

Personal Style: Kristen is the resident jewelry fanatic at Lela. She loves retro, quirky styles that match her personality perfectly!

Pick #1: Karine Sultan Branch Necklace

Karine Sultan Necklace: $76 (also available in gold)

Kristen absolutely loves this new arrival from jewelry designer Karine Sultan. The bib style of the necklace makes it a perfect piece to pair with a collared shirt like she wears here. Its lightweight and elegant design truly make it a staple to add to your summertime wardrobe.

Pick #2: La Vie Gold Necklace and James & Joy Duster

La Vie Layered Necklace: $84 (also available in gold)

James & Joy Duster: $84 (sizes S-L)

This duster from new designer James & Joy is the ultimate year-round clothing item! For the upcoming warmer months, layer it over a tank top with a sparkly piece of jewelry like Kristen does here. Transition it over to the fall and wintertime by layering it over your favorite sweater.

Pick #3: John Callanan Hat

John Callanan Bucket Hat: $38 (also available in navy)

Bucket hats are officially back! This one from John Callanan has an adorable, feminine bow on the side of the rest of the woven design. Throw it on with a summer dress while you're out and about to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. Guaranteed to make you look as cute as Kristen does!