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Consignment How-To

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Have you heard the news? We're having a 30% off sale on ALL of our consignment items through Sunday! That's three whole days to come back and fill up a Lela bag with one-of-a-kind things! For some of you, it might be news that we even have consignment (or are asking yourselves, "wait...what's 'consignment?'"). If this is you, no worries. We'll introduce you to how it works.

Consignment means that we resell items brought into us that have been previously owned. Specifically, every Tuesday, we accept gently used or new things from your closet into ours (when we say gently used, we mean: no rips, tears, stains, or missing buttons! If it's falling to pieces, then it certainly won't find a way to stay on our racks!).

Who consigns? Simply put, everyone from celebrities to the average mall shopper. This always provides a great variety to select from!

What exactly are we looking for? If it's stylish, it fits the bill. Trendy brands, vintage pieces, and high-end designer goods especially do well when it comes to reselling since our customers know us for bringing them these kinds of unique items. We accept things that are in season, so for example, we are currently taking and selling clothing, shoes, and handbags for the warmer seasons.

In return for you bringing us your things, we give you 40% of each item's selling price in the form of store credit. This means that when you come in to shop for yourself, you can use the store credit you've accrued towards your purchase. Plus, when you use your store credit, we'll give you an additional 10% off your entire purchase!

You can find additional information on our consignment process on our consignor information page, or stop in to ask us any lingering questions.

Our store is approximately half new, half consigned items. You may have noticed while shopping that our items have either one of these two colored tags.

Blue tags identify consigned items, cream identifies new items.

We've been getting in a lot of amazing pieces lately and thought it'd be great to showcase some of the stand-out pieces so you know what we look for. Stop in soon and take advantage of this sale...and maybe pick-up one or two of these stunners!