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7 Fall Trends to Try On

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Fashion Week in New York debuts on September 10th, which means we're a bit over a month away from seeing the upcoming trends out on the runways and streets for real. But the thing about staying on-trend is being prepared and ahead of the curve...which we're ready to help you with! We did the research for you and picked 7 of our favorite upcoming fall fashion trends for you to add to your closet, featuring new additions to our fall consignment!

#1: The Midi Boot

Sergio Rossi boots, size 10, $38

You've probably heard of the midi ring, the midi pant, the midi shirt (better known as a crop top)...what else is left to halve?! We found it, and it's going to be everywhere: boots are taking the crop and hitting us mid-calf this fall.

#2: Glitter/Sparkle

Lafayette top, M, $48. Lafayette pants with piping, size 8, $68

The inner 5-year-old in us couldn't be more pleased about this one: sparkles, shimmer, glitter, anything that catches the light. Fall often makes us think of darker colors and heavier, dull fabrics, but expect to see head-to-toe dazzle...seriously! If you're nervous about an entire glittery ensemble, try it out in a more muted color like navy blue.

#3: The Cropped Bomber

Sorbe bomber, S, $24

Everything seems to be getting cropped this Fall...jackets included. Bombers are an easy style to throw on over just about any outfit for the cooler temperatures ahead. Shinier fabrics are expected to be the trendiest (think leather, velour) but suede is just so cozy.

#4: Ponchos

Trouve poncho, M/L, $52

Perhaps you've never considered ponchos to be a figure-flattering item of clothing, but you might change your mind. Introducing: the athletic-inspired poncho. What constitutes as "athletic?" Think of figure-defining piping and varsity stripes on felt. Like the bomber jacket, the poncho is easy to throw on to make a statement while keeping warm. Pair it with your favorite scarf, too!

#5: Oversize Pockets/Fur Trimmings

Ralph Lauren coat, 2P, $98

These two trends can easily go hand-in-hand, as evident with this classic Ralph Lauren coat. Fur alone is a timeless staple for fall and winter and really never goes out of style. The oversize pocket trend, however, we wish would come around more often (we love pockets here at Lela)! Expect to see it on shirts, trousers, coats, bags, etc.

#6:  Brocade

Samuel Dong dress, $242. J. Crew trouser, size 10, $30

This one has been around for centuries, but makes a comeback every so often. This fall, the esteemed pattern and fabric is having a moment in many new ways: it's been paired with fur, burnt velvet, and silk of course. One of of our favorite designers, Samuel Dong, has designed a beautiful brocade dress for your utmost important to-do. For more of an everyday look, go with a brocaded trouser.

#7: Crop Tops

New Glory crop top, XL, $22. Comfy U.S.A. shirt, S, $138

And finally...yes, you read correctly...don't put your summer crop tops away just yet! Transition them into the cold weather by layering them over a crisp button-up or poplin shirt with hidden buttons (to keep the focus on the crop). Choose a bold print or keep it streamlined, but stay away from overall gauzy and sheer summer fabrics.